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Freshen Your Dogs Breath, While Improving Your Dogs Dental Hygiene. Finally A Dog Breath Freshener Product, That Both People And Dogs LOVE! The idea was borne from Orabrush for humans, whereby tongue brushes are used to remove bacteria from the human tongue. Patterned after the technology of the Orabrush cleaner, ultra soft bristles remove bad breath causing bacteria from the dog's tongue as dogs use their natural licking abilities.

If you’ve ever tried brushing your dog’s teeth, then you know it could end up being quite the chore, especially since you have to hold them down and make them stay still while you brush. The cool thing about the Orapup is that you don’t need to hold them down, because it’s been designed to clean your pooch’s tongue in the easiest way possible: by having them lick it.

Simplist Way To Beat Bad Dog Breath:
1. Apply Lickies Flavoring To Orapup's Ultra-Soft Bristles.
2. Your Dog Will Lick Away Their Own Bad Breath.
3. Repeat Daily To Keep Your Dog's Breath As Fresh, and Clean As Possible.
Lickies Are Fortified With All-Natural Enzymes To Fight Bad Breath, Reduce Plaque, and Tarter Build-up and Promote Healthy Oral Hygiene. All In A Treat Your Dog Cant Resist!

Orapup Lickies come in a chicken flavour that dogs cannot resist, with natural enzymes to fight against future bad breath AND anti-plaque properties for overall oral health.

Orapup Starter Kit Includes:1 Orapup Brush AND 1 Bottles Chicken Lickies

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