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A Cause For Fashion!

I'm so excited to be announcing our collaboration with local fashion store Seeds of Sarah, as we unite both our great love - fashion and pets. Enjoy discounts as you shop and spread awareness on responsible pet ownership as well as animal rights! 

Why You Should Not Buy Pets

Have you ever wondered what happens to that puppy in the pet shop if it does not get sold to a new home? Or where your cute little puppy came from?

How Was Cat Litter Invented

Before the mid-1940s, indoor cat boxes were filled with dirt, sand, sawdust, paper, and even ashes and cinders, which were common in a world where people still burned wood and coal at home. All of these materials would attract a cat to bury waste, but they didn't do anything about the especially unpleasant smell of feline urine.

Caring for Corneal Ulcers in Dogs and Cats

The first time you encounter a corneal ulcer in your pet, it can be quite a puzzling, worrisome experience. One day, your normally placid pooch begins to unexplainably paw at one eye, rub their head into the sofa or begin to shake their head to one side. Your pet may begin to tear excessively, or show sensitivity to light and you may notice that the eye is red and inflamed or seems to be covered in a light film; if the ulcers are smaller in diameter, you may see small, cloudy ‘pin pricks’ on the cornea.

How To Remove A Tick

Ticks are an incessant problem when it comes to our pets, especially for dogs who need to go on daily walks, and can pick up fleas or flea eggs from the grass or ground they walk on. Cats are not spared from this problem either, as ticks are the infamous bloodsuckers for animals, and can spread diseases. Ticks actually wait in grassy areas or areas near water, for a host (in this case, dog or cat) to walk by, and then it attaches itself to the animal body by letting go of the vegetation and crawling onto the body. They are external parasites that live off the blood of mammals and even reptiles and amphibians. If you are a new pet owner and have never seen a tick before, do not be alarmed if you do see some insect crawling on your pet. They are ugly creatures that look like this:  

Luxating Patella In Dogs

A few years ago, Junior Major took a trip to his vet as he was limping in his hind leg and looked really miserable around the house. He was diagnosed with luxating patella, a genetic disorder in some toy breeds, especially chihuahuas. This happens when the cartilage keeping the patella (knee cap) in place over the knee joint, is damaged or weakened and results in the cartilage anchor slipping out of the patellar groove. There are four grades of luxation, ranging from a simple Grade I luxation where it is easy to slip the cartilage back into the groove to a Grade IV luxation where surgical intervention is necessary to

Cats Can Smell What You Ate For Breakfast!

A cat’s sense of smell is fourteen times stronger than a human’s because its nasal organ is larger. They depend on their sense of smell for survival and use it to sniff out food, mates, enemies, and to seek out his own territory, which he has previously marked. Your cat will sniff you, whether you know it or not, whenever you come home or enter a new space. They can tell who you are, what gender, where you were an hour ago and sometimes even what you had for breakfast! Some folks believe that cats can detect illnesses not only in themselves and other cats, but in humans as well.    I smell you, human

Fancy A Lil’ CocoTherapy?

Coconut products have been all the rave in the United States for a long time now, because it boasts of numerous health benefits that is purely natural, without additional harsh chemicals. Coconut oil is made up of medium chained fatty acids that is found in mother’s breast milk. They are known for their ability to kill off bacteria and viruses. It is an edible fatty acid (duh) and is non-toxic to us or our pets. Feeding coconut-related products to our pets could be the best thing you could ever give your pet, and pet owners in the States swear by certain coconut treats and products that have helped their pet regain joint mobility, drastic improvements in their skin and coat, curbing obesity and best of all, coconut is so natural and palatable that pets love the taste of it.

Pet Alive – Herbal & Homeopathic Remedies for Your Pets

What’s the first thing you do before purchasing any food product? The first thing that I do is to check the  ingredients list for anything that might not be safe (or fattening) for consumption; this applies to  anything that I might decide to buy for my pet. But to be honest, if aliens have names it would be named  after half of the ingredients on that list. Call me extreme but I only trust ingredients that are natural or organic. Humans and pets are similar and poor nutrition isn’t the only thing that affects us.