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A Cause For Fashion!

I'm so excited to be announcing our collaboration with local fashion store Seeds of Sarah, as we unite both our great love - fashion and pets. Enjoy discounts as you shop and spread awareness on responsible pet ownership as well as animal rights! 

Why Is Your Coconut Oil Superior?

Why is CocoTherapy Coconut Oil different from the other human-grade, cold pressed extra virgin coconut oils you see on the shelves?

Miracle In A Jar

I call it my miracle in a jar: coconut oil. Many people are under the impression coconut oil is unhealthy, when in fact; this underappreciated miracle in a jar offers a wealth of beneficial properties. As a medium-chain fatty acid, coconut oil is used immediately in the body as energy without circulating into the bloodstream as fat, and it contains no cholesterol.

Why You Should Not Buy Pets

Have you ever wondered what happens to that puppy in the pet shop if it does not get sold to a new home? Or where your cute little puppy came from?

Luxating Patella In Dogs

A few years ago, Junior Major took a trip to his vet as he was limping in his hind leg and looked really miserable around the house. He was diagnosed with luxating patella, a genetic disorder in some toy breeds, especially chihuahuas. This happens when the cartilage keeping the patella (knee cap) in place over the knee joint, is damaged or weakened and results in the cartilage anchor slipping out of the patellar groove. There are four grades of luxation, ranging from a simple Grade I luxation where it is easy to slip the cartilage back into the groove to a Grade IV luxation where surgical intervention is necessary to

Your Dog Wants You To Know...

IF your dog could talk, here are some of most important things he/she would like to tell you…