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Why Adopt?

If you are considering getting a pet because it is for good luck, because the puppy in the window looks so darn cute (all puppies/kittens/babies are cute, but they almost never stay like that), all your friends and relatives have one or you think that it will help you get popular with the opposite sex, then you are not ready and at risk of dumping or abandoning your pet. There is a lot more to it than just superficial satisfaction a pet brings you. Here’s a short list of what entails when getting a pet: dedication, attention, responsibility, patience, and a whole lot of time, effort and love (not forgetting money). With the above said; if you do intend to get a pet, choose to adopt instead of buying one. Here are some reasons why:

Eight Months Old And Left To Die

He was only eight months old when he was abandoned, leashed to a lamp post, left to fend for himself, without food or water. During the day, people would walk past him without noticing or even stopping to help. Children would poke at him, call him names, and even throw stones at him. But it wasn’t as bad compared to what he had to face when night fell. In the wee hours of the morning, he was target practice for baseball, stones as big as a fist were in place of balls and hurled at full speed peppering his tiny body; wooden planks became bats striking his frail body at every angle. Chained to the lamp post and defenceless against the beatings, all he could do was to cower in his little corner and yelp in pain.