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Why Is Your Coconut Oil Superior?

CocoTherapy grows and harvests their own ORGANIC coconuts in a family-owned USDA-organic certified coconut plantation. A majority of coconut oil manufacturers (other brands) do not own coconut farms. Instead, they work with private-label manufacturing companies who purchase their coconuts from a number of small independent farmers, often buying from multiple farmers who may or may not be USDA organic inspected farms. These farmers may have their own cultivating practices and harvesting schedules, which affect the quality of the coconuts.

CocoTherapy coconuts come from one farm, which is family-owned. Why is this important?
• The quality of CocoTherapy coconuts is consistent from batch to batch.
• Their coconuts are harvested at the optimum time (12 months old), no earlier, no later.
• Their coconuts are opened and used between four to eight hours after harvesting.
• The farm is guaranteed to be USDA organic inspected, and CocoTherapy never uses hybrid or genetically modified (GMO) coconuts.

CocoTherapy's manufacturing plant makes coconut products only. The facility never processes or use dairy, peanuts, shellfish, soy, tree nuts, and wheat. These products are considered high-allergen foods which may not be desirable in pet foods or good for highly allergic pets.

Every batch of coconut oil is assigned a LOT number and batch samples are sent to an independent lab to be tested for pathogens and contaminants before packaging. We then catalogue and keep multiple batch samples of oil produced in our plant for NO LESS than five (5) years and test for rancidity and purity.

CocoTherapy's coconut oil has a moisture content of only 0.2%, which is considered
“excellent” in purity standards. Lower moisture content means more stable oil, and less susceptible
to oxidation, bacteria, and the breakdown of triglycerides into free fatty acid and glycerol.
Samples of CocoTherapy® Coconut Oil have not shown any signs of rancidity, even after 3 years.

Look for the USDA Organic seal in their coconut oil. This is the only way to ensure that the coconut
oil is certified organic by a federal certifier.