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Travelling to the Caribbean with Your Pets?

Many of these problems can be prevented with medication, while others can be tackled with a very Caribbean panacea: coconut!  

Staying Healthy on the Caribbean

Pets on the Caribbean face different health risks than they do back home. These include:

  • Cuts, scrapes and insect bites: Pets love to explore new territory, often running and frolicking in areas that may be littered with cut glass, discarded tins or sharp stones. This is where the magic of CocoTherapy begins. Coconuts and coconut oil contain a powerful ingredient called lauric acid, which destroys viruses and pathogenic bacteria and considerably speeds up the healing time of cuts, wounds, insect bites and stings when applied topically. We recommend Coco Therapy’s Extra Virgin Coconut Oil: a wonderfully pure, non-genetically modified product that will have your pet up to his old tricks in no time.
  • Upset tummies: Pet owners on holiday sometimes fall into the trap of feeding table scraps to pets, often causing them digestive discomfort. Coconut oil is a powerful digestive aid and it is so simple to feed to your pet: just place one teaspoon for every 10 pounds of body weight in your hand and let your pet lick the oil. Another wonderful treat is Coco Therapy’s Organic Coconut Chips, made with absolutely no salt, sugar, preservatives or harmful chemicals. Your pets will also be woofing down Coco Therapy’s Fruit Crunch  and Veggie Crunch snacks, containing organic fruits and vegetables, respectively, as well as ultra-healthy organic coconut oil. These treats are so good, you won’t feel guilty about sipping a mojito or enjoying a fancy gourmet meal; your pet will be experiencing his own culinary nirvana and keeping healthy while he’s at it.
  • Heartworm: This disease, which affects both cats and dogs, is caused when harmful larvae enter into a pet’s system through an infected mosquito’s bite. The larvae develop into worms, which block a pet’s blood flow and ultimately cause death. Prevention is vital since sometimes, there are no observable symptoms. Avoiding heartworm is simple: see your vet about a suitable prevention program.
  • Leishmaniasis: Offset by the bite of a particular sand fly (which, incidentally, is NOT only present in sandy areas), this disease also affects both dogs and cats, causing a cutaneous (skin) and/or visceral (organ) reaction. Leishmaniasis can seriously affect the skin, kidneys, eyes, liver, spleen and joints; additionally, it can be contagious to humans. It can easily be prevented with the use of collars or solutions, which should be applied regularly. Also ask your vet about Leisguard, a new medication which, taken orally and used on conjunction with other preventative measures, reduces your pet’s risk of contracting leishmaniasis to almost zero.
  • Arthritis: Contrary to popular belief, warm climes can increase inflammation in the joints, worsening arthritic conditions. Once again, your bottle of Coco Therapy Extra Virgin Coconut Oil will come in handy, since it reduces inflammation and discomfort.

A Word on Location: Safe Caribbean Travel Tips: As a world-class tourist destination, the Caribbean offers pet lovers accommodation a host of pet-friendly hotels for all budgets. However, to enjoy your pets fully, one of your best bets is probably to jump on the ‘rural house rental’ bandwagon, renting an affordable vacation home a few minutes away from main Caribbean cities. Rural homes are not only more affordable; they normally boast spacious gardens, where your pet can feel free to run, swim and release stress (which can be a bit of a challenge in a small hotel room).

For pet owners worried about leaving their pet at a hotel while they are out sightseeing or indulging in the local cuisine, the absolute dream holiday has got to be a cruise; believe it or not, up until recently, only service pets were allowed on most cruises; only one cruise line (Cunard) accommodates pets though guess what? They sail to the Caribbean! It sounds like you’ve officially run out of excuses to plan the holiday of your dreams with the whole family (for as we know, pets are family!).