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Bath Time How Tos

1) Always brush your pet thoroughly before bathing.

2) Put a cotton ball in each of your pet’s ears to protect them from water. Or fold down your pet's ears to prevent water from entering when showering its head

3) Get your pet wet with warm (not hot!) water, making sure the water goes through the water-resistant coat down to the skin.

4) Using a mild shampoo specifically made for dogs, work it into the coat thoroughly.

Finding natural shampoos is easier than it used to be because more people are expressing concern about the products available for their pets. At The Water Dish, we recommend only organic and cruelty-free shampoos that contain natural ingredients, such as Sandy's Natural Tea Tree Products.

Avoid shampoos that contain insecticides or medications, especially if your pet doesn’t need them. Get in the habit of reading the labels and doing an Internet search for any ingredients you don’t recognize.

5) In most cases, healthy dogs don’t need a conditioner. However, if your pet has a long coat that tends to tangle, you may want to use a conditioner after the shampoo has been rinsed out. Follow the directions for the conditioner.

6) Begin rinsing at the dog’s head, letting the water run down his or her back, and then finish rinsing the rest of the animal’s coat.

7) Rinse again to make sure all of the shampoo is out of the coat. Towel off your pet. Then, with a dry towel, blot away any remaining water.

9) Take the cotton out of the ears and use a blow dryer to dry the coat, but do so carefully. Not only will some pets panic when you aim the blow dryer their way, but the hot air can damage the fur and burn the skin. Use a warm (never hot!) setting.

Remember that you don’t have to bathe a dog often—if you do, you could dry out their skin and coat. But when you do have to give your pooch a bath, just follow these steps and it will be an enjoyable—and even fun—experience for both of you! Happy grooming!