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A Cause For Fashion!

So we had an outdoor photo shoot at the Botanic Gardens a couple of weeks back; where Junior, Maguro and myself had a ball of a time in the majestic gardens. The dogs were happy to be out to play and they made a new friend - Butter - from Seeds of Sarah. 

Here we are, basking in the sun. I'm wearing a Tinklebell dress, but see the full range of outfits I wore for the shoot here.


Shop with a heart this season as Seeds of Sarah will be donating $1 from every item sold to my choice of animal shelter- Voices for Animals. I chose Voices for Animals because I feel especially for breeding dogs, who are treated as factory machines to breed. It is ethically wrong and people need to know the consequences of buying a puppy from stores because of the suffering that goes on behind closed doors in the farms. I adopted Maguro from Voices for Animals and I support the work they do to give breeding dogs another chance to live the lives they deserve.

On top of doing your part for charity, fashionistas would receive a 10% discount on their purchase when you like The Seeds of Sarah's Facebook Page!

Animal lovers who want to do their part for ex-breeding dogs will receive a 10% discount on all Sandy's Natural Tea Tree products, which will be given to Voices for Animals. Voices for Animals uses Sandy's Natural Tea Tree Shampoo on their ex-breeding dogs as the tea tree based shampoo from Japan helps clear up their skin problems. It is also organic and natural, with no chemicals or preservatives added. The Water Dish will also deliver these products to Voices for Animals on your behalf. Just enter the discount code shown on The Water Dish's Facebook Page!

It pains me to put this video up but it shows what's going on in many puppy mills. Adopt instead of buying your pet from farms or shops. I've also written on animal mills on my Facebook Page here, because I hated the fact that innocent lives were being treated like machines for profit. When Maguro came to me, our vet told us that her birthing muscles were already too weak for birth after countless times of natural births, but still she was put through at least 5 - 8 times of C-sections. And the worst part was that her uterus and large intestine ended up being stuck together as a result of sloppy surgeries.

So let's shop with a heart this season and stop the spread of cruelty to animals! Do so by adopting, not buying your pet. Like our Facebook Pages below and receive your discount codes NOW!

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